4 Drones to Take You to Work… Soon

My Mum still doesn’t believe me that flying cars are on sale this summer in Dubai. Here is a round-up of who is bringing out what in terms of multi rotor systems. Im not taking into consideration dual rotor machines or fixed wing/car hybrids – they will be for future blogs.

  1. Volocopter: VC200

Due for its first commercial flight in 2017, the Volocopter claims to “reinvent mobility in urban areas” by providing the world’s first Autonomous Air Taxi (AAT not an ATAT!) in Dubai. The team pride themselves on the aircraft being fool-proof, safe and being the most environmentally friendly way of traveling.

Release Date: Early 2018

  1. Ehang: 184

Another aircraft claiming to hold the title of “safest, smartest and Eco-Friendly low altitude autonomous aerial vehicle” is the Ehang 184. The system uses 184 batteries to offer full redundancies on all systems while boasting encrypted data and extensive fail safe procedures inbuilt. The 184 looks like the simplest autonomous vehicle on the market in terms of ease of use.

Release Date: August 2017

  1. Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk have approached the flying car issue with passion. Their prototype has been flying for a while and their aim at “inventing world-changing technologies” is defiantly inspiring. They understand their initial models are rough but the beauty of this system is you don’t need a pilot’s licence to fly it. A very novel approach.

Release Date: Late 2017

  1. chAIR

One project we have been watching with interest in chAIR by youtuber amazingdiyprojects. This is the scariest aircraft being trialed in my opinion. It isn’t even out of alpha testing and you need serious concentration and bravery to fly it due to the amount of spinning blades within a few feet of the pilot. Certainly, one to watch out for as its completely made at home.

Release Date: 2020?


With other manufacturers giving this heavy thought, it may be that a huge company is building one of these in secret. Hopefully we will see sleeker and well-designed transport drones in the future.


Charles Holmes