Augmenting Drone Data with Ground Based Data Acquisition

When used for Surveys and Inspections, drones can remove the need for traditional ground based techniques such as hydraulic lifts or climbers. However, some environments are not suitable for drones due to lack of GPS or space.

At Daedalus Drones, we have been developing techniques to offer clients the ability to view their data in a single data set, rather than a convoluted folder or program with thousands of images.

Our Ground Based Data Acquisition techniques augment aerial data by allowing the creation of many more data sets. This data can be amalgamated into 3D models for extra densification or as composite images.

We reduce the risk as well as health and safety concerns involved with Daedalus Drone Data Acquisition techniques compared to traditional methods. We have various bits of kit that we have custom made to give us the opportunity to acquire data that is generally out of reach, giving us a competitive edge.

Finally, we have been developing methodologies for stitching images in 3D, not just 2D. This has progressed into inspection work which creates images of whole structures rather than just sections.