Cat Acquisition Specialists

My flatmate had recently moved out and had taken his cat, leaving mine on its own. So, I waited for a few weeks to get the right opportunity to get a new cat.


I always get rescue cats, made an appointment and galivanted off to my local shelter.

Got the cat. He is lush. Really, really, friendly. My cat was not so pleased and hissed through the door and scratched at it. Not really that much of a surprise.

As a solution, I quarantined the house and split it into two. The “no cats land” was created in my lounge and it offered a barrier to their personal spaces.


I stupidly decided to let new cat roam the house for the first time. The new cat takes one walk around house and finds the smallest hole in the floor, under my bath, and dives straight for it.

This was Friday morning. I just got him out today. Tuesday. After what feels like an arduous weekend with little sleep and a lot of stress.


We decided to break out all the tech and descended £30K worth of sensors and equipment into the hole but in the end it was human persistence and 15 years of rock climbing dexterity that won the day.

Anyway, back to work.

Cat Acquisition Specialists