Drones, Bitcoin, and Blockchain Technology

We at The Daedalus Group are ecstatic to announce that we are the world’s first drone company to offer our services for Bitcoin. We are featured on the Airbitz directory and we can be contacted directly for further enquiries. Some Flight Operations dictate a covert role while others, overt. We have worked in situations that demand secrecy and we are now proud to offer our clients the opportunity to pay with a certain level of privacy by paying with Bitcoin. However, due to CAA regulations our Flight Operations are transparent and we go beyond the level required in terms of notifications to local governing bodies so while the payment may be private, the documentation certainly will not be in some cases.

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In 2014 when we first began this adventure of starting a business, we looked at three technologies that would be revolutionising our future: 3D printing, Bitcoin, and drones. We lacked capital for mining on a large scale, and 3D printing technology was lacking finesse, so we decided on a drone company to specialise in aerial inspections and surveys as there was a gap in the market. We contacted our banks for appointments to create a business account. While we awaited responses, we approached as many banks as we could and eventually found one willing to take our start-up capital. We get charged for having money, not having enough, for paying for things, and for the privilege of having an account. We would rather trade all this in for transaction fees and to be our own bank. We love Bitcoin and the promise that blockchain technology brings and to offer our services for Bitcoin seems like the next logical step. By being the world’s first drone company to offer services for Bitcoin we aim to capture a section of the market that wants to move forward with technology the way we do. We have to keep pushing technological boundaries and innovating past traditional dogma.


At The Daedalus Group, we are problem solvers. What “drone” means to us is any remotely piloted unmanned vehicle we can control. For example, we can get into a confined area with lidar or 360 cams, survey under and over metal structures, or 3D model underground environments. We find innovative ways to modify existing technology to create much cheaper and safer solutions to industry problems with the ultimate aim of making savings for clients. By embracing blockchain technology and integrating it with drone captured data, we aim to offer new and exciting possibilities in the very near future.


With autonomous vehicles to become more prevalent, any type of drone is going to have to pay for itself. Delivery drones, security robots, and self-driving cars will all need a completely digital wallet to pay for repairs and to receive wages or payment for their actions. Delivery drones using a blockchain to log their activities would improve customer satisfaction. Security robots logging information on a blockchain would help law enforcement by providing succinct information. Self-driving cars integrated with a blockchain system would log all of their travel details to enable concise fleet management. Bitcoin and blockchain technologies can propel other industries forward if we have the imagination and drive to achieve something new. Drones are here to stay and will change almost every aspect of our lives. The future of drones will include everything from asteroid mining to tiny inner-body autonomous vehicles.c59bfc8b8d5d18ec373d8d7e2f0903f9