Just about every “drone company” is offering Survey Services and very few can deliver on their promises relating to accuracy. Traditional ground based surveys conducted by humans often use one point of reference between one and ten meters in distance from each other, and aerial systems are expensive and often inaccurate. At Daedalus Drones we use up to 400 points per m³ to ensure that our aerial surveys can compete and exceed expectations in terms of accuracy. Couple this with our advanced techniques, we guarantee to create 2D and 3D data sets in a much swifter time, whilst being cheaper and safer than either ground based or traditional aerial solutions.

Our high resolution aerial data can be processed by our in-house team, by our associated Civil Engineer, or passed back to the client for a GIS team.

We have experience working within every type of environment from construction sites to nuclear irradiated zones. There is no terrain we cannot provide a Data Acquisition solution for.

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